Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Library Camp East

Tim gets points for blogging his trip to Denver before he’s even home, while I’ve been back from Library Camp East for two days now. Better late than never? I had a great time in Darien (which, by the way, is a looong drive from Boston). Don’t worry, I wasn’t neglecting LT while I was gone – you’ll notice the computer on my lap in this somewhat blurry picture (play Where’s Abby!)…

John Blyberg (winner of Talis’s mashup contest!) talked about making library content available in outside the catalog, and showed off PatREST, Casey Bisson talked about OPACs, and demoed his WPopac. I got to meet people I’ve had conversations with, but never met in person, like Dan Chudnov of Library Geeks fame (who talked about OpenURL and COinS), and Jessamyn West (who’s a LibraryThing Author to boot!). Oh, and Sharon, I promise, I can help you find your old LT user name. I’m a great detective. Lichen blogged all day, and lest I forget anything, there’s a good summary of the blog coverage at Life as I Know It.

All in all, it was a great mix of people, and well worth the drive. The only downside was the moment was in my car, halfway home, getting off the phone with Tim (did you know you’re not supposed to talk on a hand held cell phone while driving in CT?), when I realized that I ran out without getting my mug. And it used Blyberg’s catalog card generator! I’ll have to settle for pining for it. Sigh.

UPDATE: Alan Gray, the head of technology at the Darien Public Library, and organizer of LCE06, is mailing me a mug! Because, as he says, they are “berserk about customer service.” How great is that?? Now I can stop pining and get back to work.

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