Friday, December 15th, 2006

If you listen to just one library podcast…

Talis’ Library 2.0 gang cooked up a GREAT podcast on Casey Bisson’s WPopac and his plans to distribute Library of Congress records.

I was on it, together with Ross Singer (Georgia Tech), Paul Miller, Rob Styles and Richard Wallis (Talis, Talis and Talis*). Casey couldn’t make it, but his and a good many auricles in Dublin, Ohio were burning. The topic is hugely important, and it was great fun. To paraphrase Melvile Dewey, contemplating a future of open library data is the most fun you can have with your pants on.**

The conversation went in various directions. The major issues are only just being raised, and nothing is settled. But I think we were all agreed that this is the most consequent library tech story of the year, at least.***

Not convinced? Check it out.

*Who minds the store over there when all the employees are off podcasting?
**I can’t find the exact Chevy Chase quote. Does anyone know it?
***Which makes the silence that’s greeted the announcement all the stranger. What the world needs is a set forum to discuss the topic. Talis has a forum to discuss the podcast, but they require registration and I always forget my login. LibraryThing would be okay, but most library data people are accustomed to an email list. I’m going to find out how hard it would be for us to set one up.

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