Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Blyberg’s SOPAC

This isn’t breaking news at this point, but it’s still cool. John Blyberg has announced what he calls “SOPAC”:

It’s basically a set of social networking tools integrated into the AADL catalog. It gives users the ability to rate, review, comment-on, and tag items.

Tags, ratings, and reviews in an OPAC! I think it’s great that he’s done it— it’s no surprise that we’d love to put some of LT’s features into OPACs, and to see a big library like AADL take on social stuff legitimates the point.*

Anyway, you should check out his post about it, which even has a nifty screencast.

*Tim has blogged before about putting LT and OPACs… We’re thinking it’ll be a sort of OPAC widget, so hold onto your hats.

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