Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

LibraryThing for Libraries: Logo

Update: Redid, with green tag—more punch. Okay, that’s the last fiddle.

I hate design. It takes SOOOO long for me to sweat out something that doesn’t make my skin crawl. (What happens to your skin is another matter.) I went around on this one a hundred times, mostly over the font. The problem is the LibraryThing font, a low-rent freeware thing, Thomas Paine. Originally intended as a sort of Lovecraft-meets-Gorey joke, for a site I thought would get a few thousand visitors a year, the logo has to some extent transcended its origins and historical and aesthetic specificity. But do a whole new phrase in it—LibraryThing for Libraries? Man, it looks like some crappy site for an American history schoolbook, “Reƒolved in Congreƒs aƒƒembled that LibrarThing doth proclaim…”

Anyway, the current design tries to keep the logo and add the words without mashing another typeface against it—an approach that I could never get to work. And it’s supposed to suggest something added (ie., to your OPAC) or the concept of tagging.

After ten hours, I’m blogging to force finality. To force myself to stop fiddling. I don’t even want feedback. I just want to close Photoshop and be done with it.

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