Friday, August 17th, 2007

Library Camp NYC

Back from NYC after a great trip. I went to Library Camp NYC 2007, hosted by Baruch College.

LibraryCamp is an unconference, which I think is an excellent way to do things. The discussion topics are choosen by the participants, the morning the morning of the conference—so the entire program is shaped by the people who actually show up. A good crowd means a good day. That meant that instead of “what is a blog 101,” we (mostly) got to go a little bit deeper.

Kate Sheehan of the Danbury Public Library* and I moderated a program on LibraryThing for Libraries. After I introduced LibraryThing, Kate talked about the actual implementation of LTFL—upload a file with your ISBNs, titles and authors, customize what it will look like, copy the javascript it gives you, and go! Or, as Kate likes to say, “Copy, Paste, Dance with Joy.” You can see the notes on the session here (thanks Nicole for taking notes).

The “Cataloging and Weinberger” program was a little more of an intellectual discssion, which is always up my alley, but it was also a lot of “tags vs. LCSH” talk/fighting.

And of course, since I was there, I managed a trip to The Strand, where I ultimately had to buy another tote bag to lug all my new books back home…

*The first library to go live with LTFL data in their catalog.

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