Sunday, April 13th, 2008

“Library 2.0 Gang” discusses Google Book Search API

Here’s a quick heads-up for those interested in the Google Book Search API. Talis’ new “Library 2.0 Gang,” of which I will be an occasional member, covered the topic

Importantly, they managed to get someone from Google, Frances Haugen, in on the call. Ms. Haugen was diplomatically non-committal about the terms of service, but telegraphed benign latitude.

I ended up talking too much (what’s new), but I did surface the most interesting thing about the GBS API for Libraries: using their API to add free covers to the OPAC, and the rise of JavaScript-based OPAC enhancements. I covered the former here. The latter is also take-away from LibraryThing for Libraries
Check it out here.

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