Friday, August 6th, 2010

People who read series, read series

From the recommendations for The Devil’s Right Hand by Lilith Saintcrow (Orbit Books).

Series readers read series, and LibraryThing picks up on this. (And notice the series are all by different authors.) I suppose this is common knowledge, but I’m surprised at how strong the effect is. LibraryThing already has recommendations on series page—for example, the series here, Dante Valentine, but maybe we need a series-to-series recommender.

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  1. Jacey25 says:

    Awesome, awesome idea. Love it! I am a definite series reader who is always looking for new series (like the ones I already like).

  2. Helcura says:

    A series to series recommender would be great. And while you’re at it, how about author to author.

  3. readafew says:

    series-to-series recommender.

    I think this has been requested before as well as a series ‘Review’ section.

  4. Richard says:

    Wow! I love series books, but like Groucho Marx said of his cigar, I take it out once in a while.

  5. Jan Elkins says:

    Great idea. I would definitely use it. I love series.

  6. T Polyphilus says:

    Series are certainly sort of a genre (or sub-genre) unto themselves. I have enjoyed many series, but since high school, I’ve mostly read non-fiction, stand-alone novels, short stories, and poetry. Interestingly, I’ve recently picked up on a couple of series.

    I wonder if LT data can point to “series for people who don’t read series”?

  7. Tweezle says:

    This is fantastic! I love series, and this will certainly help me find the ones I need. THANKS!

  8. Alice Edelman says:

    I would like to see series in the inspirational category.

  9. Jessicariddoch says:

    What I would like is.
    On the book information page that the said book is part of a series and a link to the list of books in order that they should be read.
    If you want to spoil me I nice message when a new book is added to a series that I have some of. There is nothing more annoying than dashing out to buy the latest book when it turns out to be number 6 in the series and you only have up to number 4, somehow you have missed no 5 comming out.

  10. Larksong says:

    Series-to-series recommending – that would be great!

    I also like Jessicariddoch’s suggestion that the book details page show whether a book is in a series, and which number it is in that series, if possible. (I will admit that this is challenging for some authors. Take, for example, Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar novels. Is the series “Valdemar”, or is each trilogy or duology a separate series? If the former, do the books go in publication order, or in chronological order for that world? If the series are separate, how do you indicate to a new reader that each trilogy is part of a larger series?)