Friday, June 24th, 2011

QR Codes and Library Anywhere

QR code in the catalog:

Jumps to the same record
in Library Anywhere:

We’ve added a QR code feature for Library Anywhere, our mobile product, to tie the mobile site to the regular catalog in a new way.

Libraries can include a QR code that LibraryThing generates and dynamically adds to each catalog page. Scan the QR code with a smartphone scanning app (e.g. RedLaser, Scan) and the phone will jump directly to that record in your mobile catalog on Library Anywhere.

Then walk into the stacks with the record on your phone, or just add it to your saved list on Library Anywhere. However you use it, it’s a direct link from the desktop catalog to the catalog on your phone.

Try it out
We have QR codes up in a few catalogs so far:

Library Anywhere is now the mobile catalog and website for 130 different library systems, including Ocean State Libraries, Libraries Online, and Wake County Public Library. See all the libraries using Library Anywhere by simply clicking the … menu within Library Anywhere and choose “Select a Library”. Read more about Library Anywhere here.

To order Library Anywhere, or get a free trial, call 877 340-2400, or email You can also email questions to

If you’re in New Orleans for the American Library Association conference, come visit us at booth 827. and we’ll show it to you in person!

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