Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

One-Click Access to OverDrive in Library Anywhere

We’re pleased to announce that Library Anywhere, our mobile product, now has one-click access to OverDrive!

  • You can add a search OverDrive button to your Library Anywhere homepage. This doesn’t take you out to OverDrive mobile as a regular external link would, but runs the search within Library Anywhere—giving you search results and book detail pages.

It will pass you into OverDrive when you reach the point where you need to enter your account information to download the book, request it, etc.

  • You can also include a “do this search on OverDrive” link on the catalog’s search results page in Library Anywhere—so if you search “the help” in your regular catalog in Library Anywhere, it will ask you if you want to try that same search on OverDrive.
The screenshots above show:
1. Searching “the help” on Portland Public Library’s regular catalog. See the button that suggests preforming the search on OverDrive?
2. The same search done on the OverDrive catalog. Note that the search summary screen tells you which formats are available and number of available copies.
3. The full page for The Help in OverDrive, with links to place a hold, etc.

Want to see it live? Try a search on one of the following Library Anywhere libraries:

The goal is to tie the OverDrive catalog together with the regular OPAC in a more seamless way. This is a FREE upgrade, available to any Library Anywhere subscriber. As is always the case, any eBooks that already have records in your regular catalog already have working links out to the digital content—this is an addition to that.

If you’re interested in adding OverDrive to your existing Library Anywhere subscription, just email abby@librarything.com

About Library Anywhere
Library Anywhere is the mobile catalog and homepage for over 200 libraries and library systems worldwide. Browse for libraries using Library Anywhere by simply clicking the … menu within Library Anywhere and choose “Select a Library”. Read more about Library Anywhere here.

To order Library Anywhere, or get a free trial, call 877 340-2400, or email Peder.Christensen@bowker.com. You can also email questions to Abby@librarything.com.

Learn more: Attend a webinar
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Webinars are scheduled for every Tuesday at either 10am or 2pm EST. Sign up for one today and I’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know, and more, I promise. Click here to register. On the Browse Meetings page, search for LibraryThing to see a listing of all upcoming webinars.

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