Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

LibraryThing for Libraries is faster / 600,000 reviews

Two quick news items about LibraryThing for Libraries:

1. LibraryThing for Libraries has had a big speed upgrade, coincident with some new monitoring and profile software we installed. Most noticeable has been the improvement in the pop-up/lightboxes for tagging, reviews, shelf browse, series and awards. Tag lists and shelf browse saw cuts of up to 90%, moving them from “rather pokey” to “quite speedy.”

On-page enhancements also sped up about 20%. Although they average less than 200 milliseconds (0.20 seconds) already, and do not hold up a library’s page, we think it’s important to keep them as speedy as possible.

2. LibraryThing for Libraries hit 600,000 professionally-vetted reviews. We’re working through something of a backlog, so expect to see 700,000 very soon.

3. LibraryThing for Libraries now has its own Twitter account, @LTforLibraries. Follow us for more information like this!

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