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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Author interview podcast: Dr. Larry Rosen

Dr. Larry Rosen’s new book Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn looks at how technologies available to children today (the iGeneration) are affecting the ways they best learn. He observes children texting during class, studies the technologies they’re using on their own time and applies his observations (and clinical research) to suggestions for educators and parents for how to engage students.

Go to the interview page to listen, as well as to get resource links and the transcript*.

Dr. Rosen is also answering questions via an author chat, until September 5th, if you’d like to ask questions or follow the conversation.

*I’m hoping to crowdsource the transcript, so if you have time to listen and transcribe a bit of the podcast, it will help those who aren’t able to listen.

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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Crosspost: LibraryThing party in Boston

Crossposted from the LibraryThing blog:

LibraryThing party in Boston:
Gather with librarians and LibraryThing members alike to eat, drink and talk books.

Date: January 16th, 2010
Time: 5:30-8:00 pm
Location: The Green Dragon (see Local event) – 11 Marshall St Boston, MA 02108
Updates: Follow @conferencething on Twitter

We’ll be at the ALA midwinter conference exhibit hall at booth 1208, so stop by to say hi and grab a flier with info and directions.

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Friday, November 20th, 2009

Ring the bell! We hit 50,000 venues in Local!

During our mad rush to add all the used book stores at Abebook (blog post) and all the Barnes & Noble stores (Talk thread), Dan added the 50,000th entry into LibraryThing Local.

So where is A Barnes & Noble in Morgantown, WV.

There’s no photo up yet, if someone near Morgantown wants to go and take a picture with a piece of paper that says 50,000! on it.

(crossposted from the other blog)

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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Speaking at Charleston Conference

Abby was slated to give a talk about LibraryThing at the Charleston Conference, tomorrow. Then, she came down with the flu. So, I’m heading to Charleston, SC as I blog now. I’ll be speaking at 12:30.

Anyone who happens to be there, and can lend me an Apple video dongle gets a free teeshirt.

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Monday, October 26th, 2009

Simultaneous flash-mob cataloging

On the weekend of October 3-4, we had two simultaneous, two-day, flash-mob cataloging events. Here’s the wrap-up:

Central Park School for Children – a small public charter elementary school in Durham, NC
(, centralparkschool on LT, blog post announcing event)

1,391 books cataloged, barcoded, assigned Dewey numbers, physically labeled the volumes for shelving, uploaded cover images, and shelved. All this was done by 22 catalogers on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.

It’s easy to underestimate how many books are in a library, and children’s books are particularly notorious (skinny little volumes that they can be), so this flash-mob is heading back to finish up the collection. They don’t have a date set (they’re thinking early November), so if you live in the area and you’d like to help, you can email for details.

Erin and Laura Abraham presented “Cataloging: Who Knew it was a Community Service?” at the North Carolina Library Association conference this past week. You can download the PowerPoint here.

The Canton Museum of Art in Ohio
(, CantonArt on LT, blog post announcing event)

Over two days, catalogers managed to add 1,090 books in a total of about 7.5 hours. They had seven catalogers on Saturday, four on Sunday, and a dedicated book lugger (also the father of the flash-mob organizer) for both days.

See more photos here.

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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

1,512 libraries in LibraryThing for Libraries

LibraryThing for Libraries, our enhancements to public and academic library catalogs, continues to advance. The official list shows some 159 “libraries” getting our tags, recommendations and reviews in their catalogs. But many of those 159 “libraries” are really much larger systems.

So, we thought we’d figure out how many individual libraries were using LibraryThing for Libraries, and add them all to LibraryThing Local. It wasn’t until we started searching out every member library of every consortium and adding every branch to LibraryThing Local that we realized we had WAY more libraries than we had thought: 1,512!

Some of the biggies include ALS/RSA in Illinois, with over 250 member libraries, NOBLE in Massachusetts, with 28, and the King County Library System in Washington, with 43. Over in Australia, the State Library of Tasmania pretty much covers the island, with some 50 libraries.

LTFL in LibraryThing Local. To get this number, we had to add all the libraries to LibraryThing Local. All LibraryThing for Libraries members get this badge:

We have some other plans for this, of course. But for now we’re going to sit back—and dream about an around-the-world trip to visit all of them…

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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

LTFL: now available for Evergreen

We’ve been working on adding the LibraryThing for Libraries enhancements to the open-source catalog Evergreen. We’ve worked out the kinks, and it’s ready to roll.

We’ve integrated both the Catalog Enhancements (tags, tag browser, recommendations, other editions and translations) and the Reviews Enhancement (300,000 LibraryThing reviews, patron reviewing, Facebook app, blog widgets).

If you’d like to see how LTFL looks, check out the catalog of Kent County, Maryland. We owe them a thousand thanks for working with us on making this work.

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009

LibraryThing for Libraries at ALA: new features and hungry rhinos

Are you ready for this?

Tim and I will be at the American Library Association’s annual conference this year. We have new, new LTFL features to show off. You can find us at booth 2857 in the exhibit hall.

1. New features! We’ll be demoing our new catalog enhancers – never before seen by librarians. We’ll post an announcement all about the new features in a day or two.

2. An art installation! Yeah, you’ll just have to wait and see it. I can’t even describe it, other than to say that it takes away ennui.

3. More rhinos! Tim and I are both flying to Chicago with an inflatable rhino in our luggage. We plan on playing “Toss the Rhino”, and perhaps if we are feeling extra daring, “Pass the Rhinos“.

(Thanks to Brixton for the masticating rhino photo. The rhino tossing one’s mine. That’s Tim and Casey putting some English on the rhino.)

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Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Categories for your LTFL Reviews

Teen reviews from Seattle Public Library

We’ve a new feature to LibraryThing for Libraries, suggested by Lare over at the Seattle Public Library. He was looking for a way to show off just some of their reviews—reviews for their summer reading program.

Libraries can now add “categories” for their reviewers to check off—library book club books, Big Read books, reviews by library staff, etc. And the library can show off just one category of reviews in their LTFL blog widget.

Seattle has made blog-widget pages for their kids section, teen section, and even their adult section of the site. By categorizing the reviews into age-related groups, they can feature items in their catalog that would interest the patrons for each demographic.

We’ll be releasing some more cool features at American Library Association meeting in Chicago next week.

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Category Feature Added to LTFL Reviews

We’ve added a new feature to the LibraryThing for Libraries Reviews Enhancement: the ability to categorize reviews for the blog widget.

Thus far, library patrons have been able to write reviews and rate books in their library’s catalog, add their reviews to their Facebook page and even create a widget that lets them show off their reviews on blogs and websites.

Now, libraries can show off reviews written by their patrons for specific library programs. Patrons and librarians can add categories to a review. The library can then create blog widgets with said categories – keep track of reviews for the Summer Reading Program, One Book, One City and book discussion groups.

This should be helpful all year round, but the inspiration for the feature came from a librarian’s request to manage the reviews children were going to be writing for the summer reading program at their library. They wanted some way to display the reviews separately from the rest of the reviews coming in.

Anyone who’s bought the Reviews Enhancement can use this feature starting immediately. Read here for instructions how to add and use it.

If you’d like more information about LTFL, and the enhancements that can take your OPAC from Library 1.0 to Library 2.0 overnight, fill out the interest form on the LTFL page.

The Reviews Enhancement isn’t available for all OPACs – currently, it supports Horizon, iBistro, iLink, eLibrary, Webvoyage, Voyager 7, WebPac, WebPac Pro and Koha. More are coming soon!

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