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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Hiring: Customer support for LibraryThing for Libraries

LibraryThing is hiring again—a relatively junior full-time position, with room to grow. We’re looking for someone smart and organized to help out with the customer support side of LibraryThing for Libraries. The basic job is providing technical support to libraries using our products, but there’s also room to be doing smaller projects as well, such as performing QA testing on new features, creating informational screencasts, writing help and FAQ pages, and more.

  • Provide technical support to libraries using LibraryThing for Libraries and Library Anywhere (our mobile product)–help them through the installation process and answer questions
  • Conduct QA testing
  • Create how-to and marketing screencasts
  • Conduct informational webinars
  • Possibly attend trade shows
  • Learn whatever we need you to learn
  • Think creatively and suggest improvements
  • Whatever else is needed. We are still a startup so all “duties” are fluid.
You must be:
  • Organized as all get-out
  • Able to write quickly and well
  • Able to juggle multiple tasks efficiently and with humor
  • Extremely comfortable with computers
  • Able to work independently and communicate effectively with both customers and co-workers (over email, phone, and Skype)
We’d appreciate, but don’t require:
  • A Library or Information Sciences Degree
  • Experience in libraries or library “industry”
  • Customer-service or sales experience
  • Some technical skills (HTML, CSS, MySQL, etc.)
  • Mac user and lover
  • Love of cheese
Though LibraryThing is a somewhat virtual company, Boston, Massachusetts or Portland, Maine area are preferred for this position. If we get enough applications we may not look at others—no offense.
Salary plus gold-plated health and dental insurance. We require hard work, but we are flexible about hours.
How to apply:
Email and resume is good. Don’t send a separate cover letter. In your email, please go through the bullets above, explaining briefly how they do or don’t fit you. We will accept applications through November 7th.
Send emails to Abby:

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Intern at LibraryThing!

Not sure what to do with your summer? I just posted this to a few local lists—librarians, design people, etc. I thought I’d post it here too., the innovative social site for book lovers wants an intern.

We can think of four possible “types” for whom we could create a nifty internship. We’re only looking to get one intern, though.

  • “Weird Library Science” (MLS students)
  • “Web 2.0 Programming” (computer students)
  • “Web 2.0 Marketing” (anyone)
  • “Web 2.0 Design” (design students)

We offer:

*Minimum wage, probably
*Full- or part-time
*Cool, anarchic work environment (4 people in Portland, 6 elsewhere)

We’d love to get someone in who could help us, but the focus will be on learning from us, and doing interesting, open-ended and intellectually stimulating projects. 

We’d rather get someone local (Portland, Maine), but if you really want to do something remote, and have a strong idea what you could do with us, we’d love to hear from you.

About LibraryThing:

LibraryThing ( is a social networking and social cataloging site for book lovers. Over 700,000 members have used the site to catalog over 40 million books–and created a whole new way of relating to books and to book people.

Contact: Tim Spalding, Founder (

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Job: LibraryThing for Libraries

LibraryThing is looking for someone to take over the non-coding parts of LibraryThing for Libraries, our innovative plan to bring Library 2.0 gold to OPAC 1.0 slag.

The position is part basic tech and part “sales.” If you come from tech you have to prove you’re personable. If you come from sales you have to prove you’re very sorry about it.


  • Smart. We value brains over experience.
  • Personable. We’re a bunch of trogledytes. Outshine us.
  • Hard-working. LibraryThing is a startup, so hard work is expected. And you have to want that. This is the job you think about in the shower.
  • Organized. We have a few hundred libraries interested in LibraryThing for Libraries already. You’ve got to be able to keep them straight and not get behind on emails.
  • Techy. This isn’t an engineer position, but you need to be comfortable with this world. HTML and CSS strongly preferred. Experience with one or more OPAC/ILS systems preferred.
  • Fast learner. Don’t know anything about XML? Spend today with this book.
  • Library-ish. We’re 3-4 library people now (with 2 MLSs). Even us out.

Location: Portland, ME or Boston, MA preferred, but we’ll entertain all possibilites. Relocation not necessary, but might help.

Money: Salary, commissions, excellent plated health insurance. LibraryThing for Libraries is growing very rapidly. It’s got the potential to change the world. You could be at the center of that. And you get paid?

Contact: Tim Spalding (

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