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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

LibraryThing for Libraries is faster / 600,000 reviews

Two quick news items about LibraryThing for Libraries:

1. LibraryThing for Libraries has had a big speed upgrade, coincident with some new monitoring and profile software we installed. Most noticeable has been the improvement in the pop-up/lightboxes for tagging, reviews, shelf browse, series and awards. Tag lists and shelf browse saw cuts of up to 90%, moving them from “rather pokey” to “quite speedy.”

On-page enhancements also sped up about 20%. Although they average less than 200 milliseconds (0.20 seconds) already, and do not hold up a library’s page, we think it’s important to keep them as speedy as possible.

2. LibraryThing for Libraries hit 600,000 professionally-vetted reviews. We’re working through something of a backlog, so expect to see 700,000 very soon.

3. LibraryThing for Libraries now has its own Twitter account, @LTforLibraries. Follow us for more information like this!

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Early Reviewers: The Movie

The Early Reviewers movie!

Abby and I just got back from BookExpo America in Los Angeles. We spent our time visiting almost every publisher in the two halls, inviting them to join our LibraryThing Early Reviewers program (for publishers/for members).

It took three days, but we did it. Response wa positive. Many publishers already knew about LibraryThing, and “free” is a powerful word for cash-strapped publicists.

To explain Early Reviewers to publishers we’ve put together a short (2:20 second) video. It’s our first effort in this direction. In the weeks coming we hope to produce screencasts illustrating other LibraryThing projects, important features and some of the ideas behind the effort.

It’s very cut-down and simplfied, and its not as technically proficient as I would like, but I’d be interested to hear what people thing of it. Leave your comment here or on Talk.

I just posted it to YouTube too, so you can share it more easily.

PS: It wasn’t all work. We also managed to take some photos with the presidential candidates.

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