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Monday, October 1st, 2007

Radiohead, Magnatune, LibraryThing

How much does the new Radiohead CD cost? It’s up to you.

Come October 10, you’ll be able to get the new album, In Rainbows online on the Radiohead site, at whatever price you think is appropriate. No labels. And no prices. Here’s an NPR story about it.

We’d like to think Radiohead borrowed the idea from us. We also go with “pay what you want” for our memberships, although we do set a lower limit ($6 for a year, $19 for lifetime).

It’s about ten times more likely that Radiohead borrowed the idea from Magnatune, the online record label owned by Bookmooch founder John Buckman. And even more likely they borrowed it from someone else, or dreamed it up on their own.

Although Radiohead owes us big time, we plan to pay them handsomely for their consideration and trust. We think others will do so too.

After all, when we added “pay what you want” our average membership payment actually increased. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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