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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Author interview podcast: Dr. Larry Rosen

Dr. Larry Rosen’s new book Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn looks at how technologies available to children today (the iGeneration) are affecting the ways they best learn. He observes children texting during class, studies the technologies they’re using on their own time and applies his observations (and clinical research) to suggestions for educators and parents for how to engage students.

Go to the interview page to listen, as well as to get resource links and the transcript*.

Dr. Rosen is also answering questions via an author chat, until September 5th, if you’d like to ask questions or follow the conversation.

*I’m hoping to crowdsource the transcript, so if you have time to listen and transcribe a bit of the podcast, it will help those who aren’t able to listen.

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Podcast 3 is over there

Check out the main blog for Podcast Number 3 (“Murder! Politics! Books!”), a delightful romp through the Legacy Library project with its coordinator, Jeremy Dibbell.

The conversation touches on LibraryThing’s contribution to 18th century American history scholarship—Jeremy’s discovery, with Monticello’s Endrina Tay, of the library of George Wythe, a prominent Virginian and signer of the Declaration of Independence, reconstructed from an untitled book list in the Thomas Jefferson papers.

Check it out here

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Jason Griffey on conferences, library blogging and the death of the library

I decided to do a quick 30-minute podcast with Jason Griffey (member: griffey), the Head of Library IT at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and one of my favorite Library 2.0 people.

Jason was the organizer of this year’s BIGWIG Showcase, an innovative “camp”-style session at the American Library Associations conference in Anaheim. He is also the co-author of the recent Library Blogging, with Karen Coombs (who gets the first-author love).

It’s my plan to talk with interesting people from all parts of the book “world.” Casual blog readers should be aware, though, that this is a very library-focused talk.

We spent the first 14 minutes talking about BIGWIG and about library conference talks generally. Then we got into his book and I tried to stir things up a bit by challenging him on library blogging. We closed with the death of the library—and what can prevent it.

I may need to sit down with Library Podcasting to figure out the best way to make podcasts available. Until then, I’m just going to throw the file up as a MP3 here (here) and through this nifty flash plug-in.

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Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Two LibraryThing podcasts

John Houser of PALINET interviewed me for the PALINET Podcast (iTunes). It ended up syndicated as two short podcasts. I think they’re some of the best short introductions to LibraryThing for librarians and of our project, LibraryThing for Libraries.

  • Part one. “In Part 1 of our conversation, we talked about LibraryThing generally and what you can do with it.”
  • Part two. “In Part 2 of our conversation, we talked about LibraryThing for Libraries, achieving a critical mass of tags, and improving discovery in the library catalog.”

PALINET’s podcasts are my newest discovery–that and Uncontrolled Vocabulary. Recent shows include The WorldCat API and an interview with Joshua Ferraro of LibLime.

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

“Weinberger, I did my research.”

“Now you gotta cough up!”

Die-hard David Weinberger fans should not miss his interview with “DishyMix.” DishyMix is a sort of cross between a podcast like IT Conversations—sober, intellectual conversations with IT visionaries—and the TV show E!.

The effect is uncomfortable and often hysterical. Although he preserves his dignity pretty well, Weinberger is very much out of his element being asked, for example, to free associate. And, strange as the exchange gets, lifting Weinberger out of his book groove does produce some interesting tidbits.

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