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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Series and Awards in Library Anywhere

We’ve recently integrated our newest LibraryThing for Libraries OPAC enhancement—Series and Awards—into Library Anywhere. This means that if your library is subscribing to Series and Awards and Library Anywhere, you’ll now see it not only in your web catalog, but also in Library Anywhere!

For example: scan this QR code with your phone to jump to the record for The Hunger Games in Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library’s Library Anywhere catalog.

Scroll down the page to find series and awards data. You’ll see on that bib page any awards the book has won, and any series it’s part of. Click the award or series title, and you’ll then see all the books belonging to it (as in the screenshots below).

Series and Awards join the other LTFL enhancements already integrated into Library Anywhere for LTFL subscribers—reviews, tags, similar books, and other editions.

Email me ( with any questions about any of the LibraryThing for Libraries OPAC enhancements, or Library Anywhere! To subscribe, contact Peder Christensen at Bowker—toll-free at 877-340-2400 or email

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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Introducing Series and Awards

We’ve added a new enhancement to LibraryThing for Libraries, which combines two complementary enhancements: Series and Awards.

The Series enhancement draws from more than 50,000 series, and displays it right in the catalog. We provide a short description of the series (where available) and any related series (for example, The Chronicles of Narnia in both chronological order and in publication order).

For a given book, we display the name of the series and then the titles of all the books within that series. As with all the LTFL enhancements, each title links to that book’s page within your catalog.

See, for example, the page for Thursday Next in Lost in a good book in the Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service Catalog. The series enhancement (displayed on the left-hand side) tells you this book is in the Thursday Next series. Click that series name and you see the series browser, which displays all the titles in that series, and links to each book in the library’s catalog.  If a library doesn’t have a given book, we still list it, but without a link.

Chemeketa has chosen just to show the title of the series in the catalog, but you can also configure the enhancement to show a few “preview titles” and then a show more button which launches the series browser (as in the Pink Carnation screenshot to the right).

Some more examples of the Series enhancement in action on these book pages:

The Awards enhancement taps into more than 25,000 awards and honors. It covers a huge range of awards, from the National Book Award and the Booker Prize to the Salon Book Award and New York Times Notable Book of the Year, or even Oprah’s Book Club selections.

See the awards on these books:

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