Thursday, May 29th, 2014

New Feature: Screenshots in Book Display Widgets

We’re continually improving our fast-growing product Book Display Widgets. The newest feature we added is Screenshots.

Screenshots will allow you to take a picture of your widget and use that image to share on your webpage, Facebook, Twitter, or blog. Help your patrons find your carefully curated displays by showing off your Book Display Widgets in places where sometimes embedding Javascript isn’t a possibility.
Screenshot 2014-05-29 14.48.42
Our screenshots feature allows for much flexibility. You can: refresh your widget until you have the books you want to show; choose your image size by percentage or exact dimensions; download the screenshot image or copy a link right to your screenshot. We even include the HTML to embed the image in your website.


Screenshots in BDW


How do I find Screenshots to use them?

Underneath the preview section of each widget there is a button that says “Take Screenshot.” This will open up a new window, where you can edit your screenshot to your liking before downloading it or copying a link to the image.

For more on the different possibilities for screenshots, check out our quick how-to video, here:



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