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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Microsoft Songsmith: The only blog post you need to read.

The ascending hilarity around Microsoft Songsmith is a bit far from our usual topics here. I could attempt to connect it to social networks, open data and virtues like experiment, remixability and authenticity, but I think I should just shut up and let you enjoy three videos on the topic.

1. The Microsoft Songsmith promo video. It makes me want to turn myself inside out like a slug in beer. What does it do to you?

Hat-top: TechCrunch.

2. White Wedding, redone in Microsoft Songsmith.

Hat-tip: Mashable, with many more. “Beat-it” is also wonderful.

3. Economic Failure Medley by Microsoft Songsmith. Melodies from stock charts, proving yet again how the web can spin gold from tin.

Hat-tip: Mashable

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